Charismatic Actor and Songstress Shae Williams is taking the world by storm in the Entertainment Industry. Shae has released her hot hit “Ready”; Take a listen to this single and you will hear a voice that just may sound familiar to your ears. While making her way up to the top to inspire, entertain and motivate her fans all over the world with one performance at a time Shae “Young Whitney Houston” Williams is a star and its very plain to see!


GIANNI CJ VALENTINO: You state “If I can open my door and walk out every morning onto a stage that would be my world.” So as an Artist what can your audience expect from you within your performance?

SHAE WILLIAMS: I hear people tell me all the time that I have this charisma about me and I draw you into the stage. When I perform I’m in my own world and I think that it’s just an inspiration that God has given me this charisma and this muse that I’m so into my music that it will draw you into the story that I’m telling. When it comes to me singing what’s coming from the heart I just like to bring you into my moment and that moment will not be a Beyonce dance, Ciara all over the stage moment but my voice is an instrument to be able to inspire people with my music. I love that after I get off the stage and someone comes to me and tells me “From that song you have just pushed me to let go of what I was just dealing with.” I like to bring you into my musical journey through the story I go through in my life. When I’m on stage I think about nothing. I’m a beacon of light to everyone who’s listening to me. I like to be there for other people and I do that through my music. 

GIANNI CJ VALENTINO: What can we expect to see from you within 2015?

SHAE WILLIAMS: I have a new single we are going to get ready to come out with and finishing the Album which will be released at the end of the summer. Also getting out and pushing myself more with doing different shows. Right now we are just letting the world know who Shae Williams is. “Ready” was the first kick off of letting everyone know that I was ready. I chose that song because I was just ready to let everybody know that you can accept me for who I am and this is who I am and I’m not changing for anybody and there’s more to come.

GIANNI CJ VALENTINO: Shae Williams the Actress! If you had a chance to be in a hit movie that has already came out, what would it be and why? 

SHAE WILLIAMS: I would go and do a Bodyguard 2. Whitney was an inspiration to me too; her music and those songs that they were able to use and to be able to tell a story like that. Oh my God it’s just amazing! It has such meaning to it. That again is a timeless piece, Like the Titanic that you don’t mind watching over and over again. I really love the Bodyguard because of the sound track and the meaning behind the story. It was a story behind a great Artist so of course I would love to be able to do something like that again. 

GIANNI CJ VALENTINO: Out of Whitney Houston, Lauren Hill, Brandy and Monica, who would you desire to do a song with and why? 

SHAE WILLIAMS: If anybody would ask to do a song with Whitney you better be bringing the hell out of it! It would have been an honor to have met her and be able to do something with her, I love covering a lot of her music and you know I love Brandy. I would actually choose Lauren Hill because Whitney’s not here. She’s not really doing a lot of music right now but guess what she’s sticking with you, you’re going to always go back to her music. 

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